The Registry of Promise: The Promise of Melancholy and Ecology, Fondazione Giuliani, Rome. 09.05.14 - 18.07.14

Peter Buggenhout, Jochen Lempert, Marlie Mul, and Jean-Marie Perdrix,

Jochen Lempert, The Skins of Alca impennis, 1993 – 2014.

Jochen Lempert, Untitled (from: Symmetry and the Architecture of the Body), 1997.

Jochen Lempert, Untitled, 2005.

Jean-Marie Perdrix, Cheval, bronze à la chair perdue 3, 2013

Installation View

Jochen Lempert, Fire, 2008.

Jochen Lempert, Martha, 2005

Peter Buggenhout, Gorgo #29, 2013

Marlie Mul, Puddle (Twig), 2014